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The Adult Services section works hard to meet the needs of people from 18 years to senior citizens. Librarians and staff select the "best of the best' in books, and DVDs in English and Spanish for members of the community. We provide the newest DVD releases available anywhere, computers and WiFi for public use and, of course, great books and magazines in English and Spanish. Adult Services also organizes cultural events and outings as part of the library's services.

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Club de Lectura en Español

El Médico por Noah Gordon

Lunes, 29 de Septiembre del 2014


5:30-6 Convivencia

6-7:30 Plática del Libro

Salón de Conferencias del Dept. de Servicios a la Comunidad (Atrás de la Biblioteca Central)

En ésta detallada recreación medieval en Inglaterra, Rob Cole se va de un Londres pobre y abatido por las enfermedades para abrirse camino pasando por varias dificultades e inventando curas para los enfermos.  A través de su viaje, Rob descrubre formas místicas de curar.  El sueño de convertirse en médico lo consume y ultimamente lo conlleva a un penoso y nunca antes escuchado viaje a Persia y a las universidades Arabes las cuales con su conocimiento, moldean su destino.

, Aug 26 2014 - 1:45pm, El Medico 9-29-2014.pdf, Lista de titulos proximos a leer.pdf, Read more
English Book Club

The Sky is Falling by Sidney Sheldon

Monday, September 15, 2014

In ‘The Sky Is Falling’, the protagonist is a famous TV reporter, Dana Evans, who has just come back from her stint on war coverage in Sarajevo. The Winthrop family’s last member, Gary Winthrop is mur-dered in his home by a couple of burglars. This gruesome act sends shock waves through the world as the whole family had been wiped out in less than a year in several accidents. Dana Evans strongly be-lieves that the deaths of the Winthrop family were not coincidental and believes that they were all mur-dered. She is determined to find out and begins her investigation. It makes her travel to all possible plac-es like Italy, France, Russia etc. Her mission gets more and more dangerous as she gets closer to the truth. Will she find out the cold-blooded killer or will she get eliminated in the process?

, Aug 4 2014 - 6:00pm, Book Club september.pdf, Read more
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