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Book-A-Librarian for One-on-One Help!

Use this form to book a librarian for various topics including help with research, using library services like e-books and e-magazines, help with your tablet or mobile device, help creating a resume or anything else you have questions on.  Please add as much information as possible so the librarian can be prepared.

What is your name?
What is your question? What topic would you like to discuss? Please provide any details so the librarian can be prepared or bring any additional resources for you. If your topic is not listed in the list here please provide more information in the "Additional Information" section.
Please give us your phone number or other contact information so that we may contact you if the appointment cannot be made or needs to be rescheduled.
Provide your e-mail address if you have one for confirmation of this appointment.
Select the day that you would like to visit the library. Please give us at least a week in an advance.
Please select the time frame that you would like your appointment. Appointments are for 30 minutes only and subject to the availability of the librarian.
At what library will you be visiting for your appointment?
Is a Spanish-speaking Librarian preferred?
Please provide any additional relevant information. If your question was not listed in the topic list, please provide additional information here.
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