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Book: Suicide Information for Teens: Health Tips About Suicide Causes and Prevention, Including Facts About Depression, Hopelessness, Risk Factors, Getting Help, Survivor Support, and More, Edited by Kim Wohlenhaus

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Stephanie Valenzuela

Book:  A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket

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Claudia Torres

Book:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

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Anthony Torres

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For girls only : wise words, good advice by Carol Weston
The story talked about how to know yourself, getting along with people, understanding guys, about school and becoming a more confident person!
Reviewed by Karina Limon, 7th grade
The Pretty Committee strikes back : a Clique novel by Lisi Harrison
The girls Alicia and Claire have boyfriends but Claire accidentally kisses Josh, the guy Alicia likes. Claire tries to hide it but Alicia finds out. So now Alicia tries to get back at Claire.
Reviewed by Diane Caraveo, 7th grade
A Child Called "It" by David Pelzer
This book is about a child that has been abused by his mother too much. This child named David is send to a foster home and his mother has no longer custody of him. He is now looking for a new home to live in.
Reviewed by Karina Del Rio, 8th grad
The Odyssey by Homer
There was a man named Odysseus who went away for 10 years to help at the war of Troy. He was king of Ithica. His wife Penelope and his son were waiting for him. While Odysseus was coming, people assumed he was dead.
Reviewed by Diane Caraveo, 7th grade
The Night I Disappeared by Julie R. Deaver
This is a story about a girl who goes off to Chicago with her mother, who is an attorney. While she's there she falls into fits where she can't escape her own mind. With the help of her friend Morgan's aunt (who is a doctor), she finds reason in her fits and nightmares.
Reviewed by Katherine Gutierrez, 8th grad


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