Children's Summer Reading Program

Program Guidelines:

Last day for reporting at Central Library is Friday, August 8th.

Last day for reporting at Bristow Park, Greenwood and Atlantic Library is Saturday, August 9th.


The library has three reading programs for children and teens:

Ages 0 years to 3 years                                   Tiny Tots Reading Program

Age 4 years to 5th Grade (completed)          Children’s Summer Reading Program

Going into 7th Grade and up                          Teen/Pre-Teen Reading Program


Readers register and report at one of the Commerce Libraries. Registrants may not report the same day they register for the program. Children’s Program participants may report only once per day. Prizes are available while supplies last and may be subject to substitution.

Each clock on the reading log is for 20 minutes spent reading. Pre-readers may receive credit for time spent reading with an adult or older child. Once a child has read (or read and shared a book with an adult or older child) for 20 minutes, an adult initials a clock on the reading log. Children report to the library each time they complete two hours and 20 minutes of reading and an adult has initialed all of the clocks in one section. Before returning to the library, the child completes a report form or draws a picture about what they have read. To report, the child brings their reading log and a completed report form to the library. Library staff will collect the report form, stamp the completed section, and give the child a prize. Children may report once per day. Children may report up to two hours and 20 minutes of reading time (one section) each time they report.

Children who have 6 section stamps on their reading log (14 hours of reading reported) will receive a t-shirt and a certificate. Readers in the Children’s Reading Program who have 10 stamps (23 hours and 20 minutes of reading reported) are eligible to receive a trophy.


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