City of Commerce Pre-Teen Summer Camp 2012


The City of Commerce Pre-Teen Camp visited the library seven weeks this summer.  Together, we learned about the Dewey Decimal System and library resources.  We also engaged in a variety of activities and challenges. 


The Library 'lympics:

While athletes competed in London, the camp faced a variety of library-inspired challenges.  To see them in action, click here:

Book Bowling Champions

Book Bowling Challenge: 

Slide a book on the carpet and get as close to the line as possible, without touching or passing it.


Library Stamping Challenge:

Stamping is a time honored tradition in libraries.  Have you got the skill?  Is a future in librarianship for you?

Library Stamping Champions


Bow & Arrow Champion

Twilight Bow & Arrow Challenge:

Are you skilled with a bow and arrow?  Do you have the power to hit a book?  Or do you love Twilight so much, you'd rather miss?

Bow & Arrow Champion


Book Bowling Image Bow & Arrow Challenge Image Library Stamping Challenge

Book Creation Craft:

If you had the chance to write your own book, what would it be about?  To see our camp in action, click here:

Image from book craft Image from book creation craft


Marshmallow Challenge:

Work together to build a free-standing structure with 20 sticks of spaghetti, a yard of string, and a yard of tape... topped with a marshmallow!  See how they did, here:

1st Place

Andrew Molina

Isaiah Salas Ortiz


Marshmallow Challenge Image Marshmallow Challenge Image

Alternative Book Cover Designs:

Sometimes we're tempted to judge books by their covers.  What cover would you create for your favorite book?  These are the pre-teen camp created favorites:

Alternative Book Cover for *The Dark Knight*

1st Place

Nadia Martinez

2nd Place

Omar Barcenas

Alternative Book Cover for Captain America
Alternative Book Cover for Dead Pool

3rd Place Tie

Angel Lefevre

3rd Place Tie

Jonathan Melendez

Alternative Book Cover for Mario



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