Did You Just Eat That?

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Dawson, Paul L.
W. W. Norton & Company
First Edition
Physical description: 
xi, 288 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 22 cm
Publishing date: 
November 6, 2018
Book Description: 

When it comes to food safety and germs, there are as many common questions as there are misconceptions. And yet there has never been a book that clearly examines the science behind these important issues--until now. In Did You Just Eat That? food scientists Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon take readers into the lab to show, for example, how they determine the amount of bacteria that gets transferred by sharing utensils or how many microbes live on restaurant menus. The authors list their materials and methods (in case you want to replicate the experiments), guide us through their results, and offer in-depth explanations of good hygiene and microbiology. Written with candid humor and richly illustrated, this fascinating book will reveal surprising answers to the most frequently debated--and also the weirdest--questions about food and germs, sure to satisfy anyone who has ever wondered: should I really eat that?