E-Books by Axis360

Download E-Books Now at ebooks.cocpl.org!

The new e-book platform Axis 360  features a large catalog of e-books available for download on the most popular devices including iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones and Nook and Kindle readers.  This new service will be available to all cardholders.  Please see below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to download e-books?

You will need your Library Barcode, an Android or Apple device, an Axis 360 Account, a Blio Account and possibly an Adobe Digital Editions account.  Although the first steps require a lot of set up, once you have those it is very easy to continue to check out e-books!

What apps do I need to download on my device?

You will need Axis Reader - Android | Apple

You may need Blio Reader - Android | Apple

What do I do once I have the apps on my device?

In Axis Reader look up "City of Commerce"  and add that as your favorite library.  Once you add us as your favorite library you can browse the books and check out directly from your device.  If you are using a Desktop simply visit us at http://ebooks.cocpl.org.

For more details on specific devices please follow these instructions.


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