E-Readers and Tablets

Go Mobile! Stop By A Library and Check One Out!

There are several Nook HD Tablets and Nook Readers that can be borrowed from the City of Commerce Public Library's Circulation desk at Central and its branches. The Nook HDs will be available for library patrons to checkout for 7-day checkouts to use in the library, at a coffee shop or at home, and the Nook Readers will be available for three week checkouts.

Who can borrow a Mobile Device?

  • Patrons over 18 may borrow the mobile devices.
  • Patrons must have a valid City of Commerce Public Library card and be in good standing (under the $10 maximum fine threshold) and a picture ID.
  • Patrons must have signed the Mobile Device Borrower Agreement form signed and on file in order to checkout a mobile devices.
  • Mobile Devices are loaned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • One Mobile Device per person.

How can long can you checkout a Mobile Device?

Mobile devices can be checked out for 7 days.  If you check it out on a Tuesday it will be due the following Tuesday by closing time.  Nook Readers are available for three week checkouts.

When can I checkout a Mobile Device?

Mobile devices may be checked out during all posted library hours, however they must be returned to the circulation desk before closing. Do not leave the mobile devices in the bookdrop or you may incur fines or late fees.

Where can I use a mobile device?

Anywhere inside the public library building using our FREE Wi-Fi.  Mobile devices can also be taken home or to a local coffee shop that offers free wireless.  Please be careful and vigilant when you take the mobile devices out to prevent theft or damages.  You are solely responsible for the charges.

 What do I get when I borrow a mobile devices?

  • Wireless mobile device, Carrying case and Power charger
  • Headphones, a mouse and USBs may also available at the circulation desk on a first-come first-serve basis.

What are the fines and fees for late or damaged mobile device?

Please do not leave mobile devices unattended. You are solely responsible for the mobile device while it is checked out to you, and you will be accountable for any overdue fines, damage, loss, or theft. 

Mobile devices accrue fines at the rate of $10.00 per day overdue.  Mobile devices are checked out for 7 days so if you need it for longer you can bring it back and check it out another device if no one else is waiting.  If the mobile device is not returned by 10 days overdue you will be charged the full amount of $450 and a police report will be filed.

  • You (the borrower) are responsible for the mobile device and will be billed for reasonable repair or replacement costs up to $450 if the mobile device or components are damaged, lost, or stolen or $10 per minor cosmetic damage and up to $50 dollars per peripheral lost or damaged.
  • You are also responsible for any violation of the library Mobile Device Borrower Agreement, Computer User Agreement and all other applicable library policies

What happens when I borrow a mobile device?

  • Mobile device are checked out from circulation desk at your local City of Commerce Public Library and must be returned to the same location they were checked out at.
  • You must present your valid Library card and picture ID each time you check out a mobile device.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • You have read and accepted the Mobile Device Borrower Agreement.
  • By the end of the loan period you must bring the mobile device back to the circulation desk in person.
  • Do not leave the mobile device on the circulation desk or in the book drop – wait until a staff member is present. You must wait for the library staff as they fulfill obligations to inventory components and test mobile device operation.  You will then receive a receipt when the mobile device is fully inspected and returned.
  • You may not checkout the same mobile device until the next day, but you may checkout another mobile device at the same library or another library if it is available.
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