To feel the music : a songwriter's mission to save high-quality audio

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Young, Neil
BenBella Books
Physical description: 
xi, 259 pages ; 24 cm
Publishing date: 
September 10, 2019
Book Description: 

Today, most of the music we hear is compressed to a fraction of its original sound, while analog masterpieces are turning to dust in record company vaults. As these recordings disappear, music fans aren't just losing a collection of notes. We're losing spaciousness, breadth of the sound field, and the ability hear and feel a ping of a triangle or a pluck of a guitar string, each with its own resonance and harmonics that slowly trail off into silence. We're losing art to convenience--but Neil isn't letting it go without a fight. To Feel the Music is the true story of his quest to bring high-quality audio back to music lovers--the most important undertaking of his career. It's an unprecedented look inside the successes and setbacks of creating the Pono player, the fights and negotiations with record companies to preserve masterpieces for the future, and Neil's unrelenting determination to make musical art available to everyone. It's a story that shows how much more there is to music than meets the ear.