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Commerce Public Library Literacy Services Volunteer Tutoring

(Adult Tutoring/CKR Program)

Q.      What are the benefits of tutoring?
A.     Becoming a volunteer tutor is a great way to give back to your community and it’s a great addition to your resume, and any scholarships you pursue.  Many businesses and colleges look at volunteerism as an asset and an indicator of an applicant’s maturity and willingness to help others.

Q.      How can I become a volunteer for the City of Commerce Library Literacy Services?
A.     In order to serve as a volunteer, you must agree to a personal background check, having your fingerprints taken, and having a TB test done.  You must also complete 12 hours of tutor training.

Q.      Is there a certain amount of time that I have to commitment for?
A.     Yes.  We would like a six month commitment from the Adult Literacy tutor.  Or the commitment for the Commerce Kids Read! Program (CKR) tutor is the minimum of one complete session.  See information below:

Spring (February – May) approximately 16 weeks
Summer (June – August) eight weeks only
Fall (October – December) approximately 11 weeks

Q.      What if I’ve never tutored before?
A.     The tutor training you’ll receive will give you the tools you will need to be able to tutor and adult or school-aged children read and write better.  At the training you will receive a tutor manual that you will use with your students.  You will also be able to practice the techniques you learned in the tutor training sessions before you are given a student or a group of students for the CKR program.

Q.      How many students will I be working with?
A.     Adult literacy tutors work with one adult at a time.  CKR tutors work with 3-5 children in a small group setting.

Q.      What does it take to be a good tutor?
A.     You need patience, a willingness to help another person and the ability to lead the tutoring session.  Remember, praise your students for every success, no matter how minor!

Q.      What will I teach my student(s)?
A.     Your goal is to help them read independently and with increased understanding.  You will read to them and with them.  You will also work on vocabulary building, phonics, word-attack skills, comprehension, and writing.

Q.      Where does the tutoring take place?
A.     All tutoring is done at the Library READs Center which is located next to the Rosewood Neighborhood Library.

Q       When do I start to tutor?
A.     If you will be tutoring an adult learner, you will be paired with a student that matches your availability or schedule.

CKR sessions are offered throughout the year.  See the schedule below:

Spring (February – May) approximately 16 weeks
Summer (July – August) eight weeks only
Fall (October – December) approximately 11 weeks

Q.      When do the classes meet for the CKR Program?
A.     The classes meet one hour each day on the following days:

Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday

Q.      What time are the classes scheduled to meet for the CKR Program?
A.     The classes are scheduled at the following times:

3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
4:45 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.


City of Commerce Library Literacy Services

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