Mobile Printing Services

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Mobile Printing at any Commerce Library

You can print emails, documents, photos, web pages, and more at any City of Commerce Library.  Print directly from your smartphone, tablet, home computer, or laptop.

To start, select from the library list below

Rosewood Main Library

5655 Jillson Street

Commerce, Ca. 90040

(323) 722-6660


Bandini Library-Not Available Until Further Notice

2269 S. Atlantic Blvd

Commerce, Ca. 90040

(323) 780-1176


Bristow Library-Not Available Until Further Notice

1466 S. McDonnell Ave

Commerce, Ca. 90040

(323) 265-1787


Veterans Library-Not Available Until Further Notice

6134 Greenwood Ave

Commerce, Ca. 90040

(562) 927-1516



  • Black and white prints are $0.10 per page
  • Color prints are $0.35 per page
  • * Payment is by cash or credit/debit
  • Copies must be picked up within 48 hours of sending

*Library Print Policy applies: We credit $1 worth of free pages, printing only, per day for holders of a library card (10 cents for black and white and 35 cents for color). You can use the self-serve kiosk and payment device to release all your print jobs.