Public Computers

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The Library is a great place to access the Internet.  Each library has approximately 10-14 computers available for public use.  All you need is your City of Commerce Public Library Card and your personalized PIN number.  If you do not have a PIN number please ask at the front desk to remind you or to create a new one but please be sure to have your library card and ID available when you make the request.  Please also read our Computer Use Policy to become familiar with our computer policy.  If you are planning on bringing your own laptop or mobile device to our library please visit Wireless Internet for more information on accessing the wireless.  For more information on printing at the library visit Printing.

Public Computers

Free Public Access Computers

To use the public computer you can call the library ahead of time, reserve online, or simply walk up to the computer and click on "Available" and enter your library card and PIN Number.  Our computers are equipped with the following software:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Word 2013
  • Updated Flash, Adobe Reader, Java and other plugins...and we are always updating software and plugins.  Please let us know if you have any recommendations for additional software.

How long can I use a public computer each day?

You will have access to a maximum total of two hours or 120 minutes throughout the whole library system.  You can choose to use your 120 minutes all at once in one session or in smaller sessions throughout the day.  It is up to you! The computers can also be reserved ahead of time, up to four days in advance. Any reservation not met within 10 minutes will be cancelled automatically.  Please see the Computer User Agreement page for more information on our computer policy.

What if I need to step away for a phone call?

You can select the "Lock" button on your PC Reservation timer to lock your computer.  Simply enter your own passcode or pin number and step away.  When you are ready, re-enter the pin or passcode to access your computer again.  No one will be able to log in while your computer is locked, however, please be aware that your allotted time does tick away while your computer is locked.

How do I Save?

You will need to save your work to a USB memory stick (provided by you). You can also email files to your e-mail address or use a service such as Google Docs to store your files.

How do I Print?

Please see the Printing page for information about printing.

How do I access your FREE Wireless Internet?

Please see the Wireless Internet page for more information about our free Wi-FI.