The Smack: A Novel

Lange, Richard, 1961-
Mulholland Books
Physical description: 
352 pages ; 25 cm
Publishing date: 
July 18, 2017
Book Description: 

Forming a partnership with a prostitute, a down-on-his-luck con man recklessly agrees to a friend's request to orchestrate a theft in a Los Angeles apartment, where a crew of soldiers is reputed to have stashed millions in cash smuggled out of Afghanistan.

Rumor has it that two million dollars in army money was smuggled out of Afghanistan and is stashed in an apartment in Los Angeles. Rowan Petty, a conman down on his luck, heads south with his sweet-talking hooker girlfriend to check it out-- and they run straight into trouble. They're caught up in a dangerous game. For the winner: a fortune. For the loser: a bullet to the head.

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