Teen Art Show - June 18, 2016

Teen Art Show: Saturday, June 18, 2016 @ 11am

To kick off our Summer Reading Program, the City of Commerce Library will be hosting a Teen Art Show! 

Teens, from grades 6-12, are welcome to submit their works of art, show them off, and enjoy the work of other teens. 

We'll have art-related crafts and activities!


Meet Animator Instructor & Director, Manuel Cuchilla!

Manuel Cuchilla is a man of many medium talent from traditional oils, water colors, pastels, prisma markers, charcoal  and photography to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and animation softwares.

Besides creating his own animated films: Osito (2003), El Grito (2005), Pepe, the Grumpy Street Performer (2007), he worked as an Animation Instructor for CAP (Community Arts Partnership) to help students (ages 10-25) learn how to draw and make their own animated story films.

In 2008, decided to pursue his own creativity in managing his own graphic design company- Smart Digital Print, and create webpages and short animation commercials.

This Saturday, he'll share some of his work and discuss the importance of art.

Guillermo Millan will host a block printing craft!

Born and raised in Los Angeles I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is losing my self within a finger painting project in my pre K class at the age of 4. I took every art class offered in Montebello High School and continued studying painting and drawing at east Los Angeles college where I later graduated with an AA degree in fine arts. I transferred whatever credits possible to the art center college of design in Pasadena. Unfortunately the school was too expensive for me to keep up so I had to drop out. That did not stop me though. Since leaving the art center I have tried getting my hands on everything and anything art-related. From traditional film photography, print making drawing painting and everything in between.. except for computer graphics or any sort of digital manipulation. I gravitate more towards traditional tools of application (at least for now) currently I make most of my living drawing album covers for metal and punk bands as well as flyers t shirt designs and the occasional tattoo design. Aside from working for bands I also do commissioned paintings and business or personal murals. Basically what ever comes my way I am always willing to take no matter the size or medium.

Oskar Mendez is an illustrator, creative director, brand consultant, character artist and brand specialist with over 8 years of experience in the creative industry. He has created campaigns for apparel, developed style guides, logos, brand identities, product design, and taught online creative courses. After graduating from Art Center College of Design in 2006, he has gone on to collaborate with the Walt Disney company, Highlights Magazine, Cherokee, Gymboree, Wacom, Skycraft Collaborative, and Tedx to name a few. He loves observing nature to influence the creation of his work and he has a strong passion for telling stories that put a smile on other people's faces.

Oskar Mendez will share his work and discuss digital design.


If you would like your artwork to be part of the show, please visit the library and fill out our registration form.  For your convenience, you may also register here.  The deadline to register and drop off your artwork is Thursday, June 16th, by 7:30pm, at Rosewood Library.

Thank you!


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